Hey, I'm Ally!

I'm a coach and writer living with Hashimoto's... I'm also a woman, a friend, a mum to my furbaby, a daughter and a sister.

While I am all of these things (and more), I don't believe they define me, though I know they have (and continue) to shape me, my life and my Hashimoto's.

I believe we are all on a journey in life.

For me, part of that journey involved healing (not curing) my Hashimoto's, my body, my heart and my mind.

Now I'm committed to helping others, like you, do the same... by sharing my story, research and healing journey.  

I was born asking why.

'Wonder' pulses through my veins because it's in my blood... driving me forward in life, fuelling my quest to understand… both myself and the world around me.

Coupled with a healthy scepticism, I rarely take anything at face value… often challenging the status quo… it’s a blessing and a curse.

I have a history of itchy feet (39 countries and counting!)... was raised on Western Australian sunshine… and am a Pisces who misses the sea.

I believe that happiness is a journey, not a destination... flexibility and objectivity rule… and that life is too short for regrets.

I am enough.

I support women with Hashimoto's to find their own path to healing... guiding them through the often overwhelming maze of diet and lifestyle practices to find what works for them.

My work is not 'new', there is no 'secret formula', and it's not 'complex'.

It's just really simple nutrition and wellness concepts bundled together and delivered with clarity and ease in my own unique style.

The information that I share... the research that I do... and the recommendations I make are already out there.

But many of them exist as stand alone, one-size-fits-all or super-rigid-this-is-the-only-way approach to healing, or as some purport, 'curing' Hashimoto's.

And none of them worked for me.

Those 'other ways' didn't work for me me because there was no flexibility... no room to move... and no freedom to self-empower myself.

Following strict meal plans, dosing up on supplements or adhering to rigid rule based diets were kind of easy for me... I spent most of my life in uniform (school and work), I knew how to follow orders and obey the rules.

But through all my life I'd always felt a little stifled, overlooked and often like the square peg in a round hole.

And after every single attempt at trying to 'cure' myself by following all the other fixes out there, I always ended up feeling the same way.

Disappointed, alone, frightened, fed up and always wondering if there was ever going to be a better, easier or healthy way to live.

Until one day I stopped trying...

I let go of control, expectations and outcomes.

I realised that no-one else in the world knew what is was like to live in my body, so how on earth could they know how to heal it?

I slowed things down, let go of absolutes like 'should', 'must' and 'will' and I embraced 'could', 'can' and 'try'.

I did smaller, simpler things with consistent practice and enough repetition until they became a habit that I no longer had to think about.

I focused on the journey and not the destination.

I began to understand that setbacks or ‘failures’ were opportunities for exploration and growth, not something to punish myself for or get depressed about. 

I believe that slow and simple habits, practiced daily can bring long lasting change and big results.

 After a fast paced, highly responsive and intense career in law enforcement that spanned 26 years... I decided to take some time out, retrain and allow myself the space to heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

I have a wealth of investigative and analytical expertise and multiple qualifications including a Graduate Diploma of Criminal Intelligence, Bachelor of Legal Studies, Diploma of Management and an Advanced Diploma of Investigations... which allows me to see the mis-workings of the Hashimoto body in a unique way.

I also hold a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition, am a qualified Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coach and an experienced Adult Educator with a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment... so I know what to do to get it working again. 

Most importantly, I know what it's like to live with Hashimoto's... the depths of uncertainty, the longing for change and fear that you'll never be a whole person again (read my story here).

But I found a way to move beyond the uncertainty and push through the fear... and nothing would give me greater joy than showing you that you can do it too.

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