You know you've got Hashimoto's, have heard that diet and lifestyle changes can help... but you're wondering where to start.
You've lived with Hashimoto's for years, taking your medication but have noticed a decline in your health in recent years... and you're wondering why.
You've done so much research on Hashimoto's, you know what you 'should' be doing to help heal it... but you're wondering how to make it happen.
If you're looking for a boost..
If you're searching for understanding...
If you're ready to connect...
Then look no further.

Hey, I'm Ally!
I'm committed to helping you uncover the spark of inspiration that will empower you to believe in yourself and take back control of your Hashimoto body.
I can help you stop wondering and start exploring the possibility of a healthier and happier future.

Aligned Empowerment Session

What's the 'Aligned Empowerment Session' all about?

An opportunity for you to reach out, connect and have an easy chat about where you're currently at in your Hashimoto life cycle.
Our connection will enable you to discuss the more pressing questions you may have about how your eating habits, sleeping patterns, stress response, activity levels and mindset are impacting on your health and keeping you feeling stuck, unwell or lacklustre.

What's included in the 'Aligned Empowerment Session'?

:: One 45 minute virtual session - so that we can meet live and you'll be able to relax and engage from the privacy and comfort of your own home.
:: One personalised action strategy - a practical and easy action step that you can implement straight away to empower you on your way.
:: One personalised resource - a relevant and personalised resource to support your action strategy, expand your knowledge or embolden you to change your thinking.

What's the investment for the 'Aligned Empowerment Session'?

Your investment for this easy, personalised and adaptable session is $99 (AUD)

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Michelle S.

I really liked the way that Allison structured our session, it felt really balanced and she created a space where I felt very safe and confident to share.

We spoke about the physical, emotional and social aspects of Hashimoto’s.

I really appreciated the balanced and holistic approach that Allison takes to health and wellness.

The prospect of having to make so many dietary / lifestyle changes can be really overwhelming so it helped that she eased those feelings by setting small goals that can be achieved one at a time, until they become a habit.

It was really nice to walk away with some actionable steps that I could take to regain my vitality right away.

Michelle S. Gold Coast, Australia

Sometimes it can be hard to see a way out or believe in a different outcome when you've only know things to be a certain way... especially if you've lived with the complications of Hashimoto's for an extended period of time.

You may think there is nothing you can do... that you just have to ride it out... or learn to live with the hand you've been dealt.

But what if there was another way... and all you had to do was want it?

The Aligned Empowerment Session can help you feel connected, reignite the spark inside yourself and empower you towards a better understanding of what you want for your health and whether or not you're prepared to go after it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of outcome or results can you expect? +

The emphasis for the Aligned Empowerment Session is about connecting... feeling understood and self-empowered to look further into how you can make your diet and lifestyle work for you to create the level of health and wellness you desire.

You'll also take away a tangible, actionable and personalised strategy that you can implement into your life straight away that will help you feel better and also give you confidence in your own ability to affect change.

Are you the kind of gal who'll benefit from my work? +

If you want to change your life (even just a little bit)… and you’re ready to explore making it happen (through connection)... but you just need a little bit of guidance and support (because you’re overwhelmed and exhausted)… then you’re the kind of gal who’ll most likely connect with me and resonate with the work that I do. 

If you believe in quick fixes, are looking for a magic cure or are holding onto the notion that you can maintain your current way of living and take a pill... then you may be better served to keep looking and I wish you well on that search.

Are you ready to work with me? +

The great thing about Aligned Empowerment Session is it's kind of like dipping your toe in the pool.

The session will open your mind and give you an idea if diet and lifestyle changes might be the answer for you... you'll never know unless you try.

How is working with me different to working with other professionals... like a Naturopath, Dietician or Integrative Doctor? +

As a Nutritional Wellness Coach... my emphasis is on helping you create positive, sustainable change in diet and lifestyle habits… rather than diagnosing or prescribing like a Naturopath, Dietician or Doctor.

The Aligned Empowerment Session is exactly that... a session to empower you to believe in yourself and to have faith that you can regain control of your body through understanding more about diet and lifestyle changes.

Am I qualified to offer these services? +

I hold a Graduate Certificate in Human Nutrition... am a qualified Lifestyle, Food and Wellness Coach... and an experienced Adult Educator with a Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment... holding membership (and insurance) with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists. 

I've also tamed my Hashimoto's through slow and steady diet and lifestyle changes... so I get it.

Once you pay, how and when will you hear from me? +

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Once payment has been approved, you’ll receive an e-mail from me (at the address you provide during payment)… with payment confirmation, and a link for you to book your Aligned Empowerment Session within the next two weeks.

Please note, I rely on external software programs to process your payment and send you your first e-mail… if you have not heard from me within 24 hours of payment, please contact me directly and let me know (click this link)

Aligned Empowerment Session

If your questions about the 'Aligned Empowerment Session' have all been answered... then only one remains.
Are you ready to invest in yourself and your belief in a better tomorrow?
Your investment is $99AUD... are you in?

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Allison is easy to talk to. She listened well, gave great suggestions, and even our off topic conversation clicked with me! I truly loved the simple breakdown she gave me of how the different hormones work. I love knowledge and facts but to know something that directly relates to my body (and my mom's body) that helps us is amazing.

Angela C., California, USA
Okay, so you're at the end of the page... you've either scrolled straight here... or you're wondering if there is anything else you need to know.
So here's the short version...

Aligned Empowerment Session

A live connective session that will empower you to get your questions answered, be inspired with a practical and easy to implement action step and take away a relevant and personalised resource to expand your knowledge or embolden you to change your perspective.
1 x coaching session. 1 x personalised action step and practical resource.
Your investment is $99 (AUD)
Less than your next GP visit and round of medication... why not connect now?

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