Hashimoto's Thyroiditis is an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid gland… slowly destroying it over time… creating all sorts of havoc in the body due to poor thyroid hormone production and/or application at the cellular level.

The end result is hypothyroidism... more commonly known as 'an under-active thyroid'.

Often misdiagnosed due to the erratic, variable and seemingly disconnected range of symptoms: fatigue, constipation, reflux, body aches, moodiness, irregular periods, insomnia, sudden onset of weight gain or an inability to focus on simple things.

Often misunderstood even by those who have it: because too often diagnosis comes at the tail end of increased illness, medical bills and medications… a quagmire of confusion, anxiety and overwhelm… and the loss of relationships, jobs and self-esteem.

Often mistreated by misinformed, time poor or disinterested General Practitioner Doctors: who treat the most pressing symptoms sometimes with medications that further complicate, exacerbate or interfere with thyroid function.

Hashimoto's is a very complex web of immune dysfunction, nutrient deficiencies and insufficient thyroid hormones.

All the thyroid hormone replacement in the world is useless... if your body continues to attack and destroy your thyroid gland... and if it can't get the vital nutrients and energy it needs from your diet.

Stress (physical, emotional and situational)...
Energy imbalance (too little or too much food and drink)...
Poor nutrition (the wrong types of food and drink)...
Nutritional deficiencies (body can't do anything with the food and drink)...
Toxic build up (body can't get rid of the waste)

are all parts of the viscous cycle that perpetuates and exacerbates Hashimoto's. 

It's an ongoing and downward spiral of malnutrition, weakened immunity and illness.

To begin to recover you must find an entry point to begin to break the cycle... and it will different for everyone... which is why it's important to figure out what works best for you.

Through diet and lifestyle changes you can improve your nutrition status, reduce your stress and boost your immunity... this can halt further attack on your thyroid... and make you less susceptible to future infections, disease and other illnesses.

You should know however, you can't 'cure' Hashimoto's... once you have it, it's there for life.

But you can... with relevant, personalised diet and lifestyle changes plus/minus the right medical intervention... put it to sleep, learn to manage it and go on to live a fulfilled life.

There is no one-size-fits all manifestation of Hashimoto’s and therefore no one-size-fits-all fix... so figuring how where to start, what to do or how to begin can be the hardest part of the healing journey... especially when you're exploring healing through diet and lifestyle interventions.

Consistency is key in creating change… keeping at it, regardless of setbacks and showing up each day, doing your best and being all in... slowly, slowly but surely you will move forward in the direction that you want to go (read more).

Start where you are
Do what you can
With what you have
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